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 is a comprehensive website rating system based on the criteria: Domain Age, Google Pagerank, Alexa Ranking, Backlink, Traffic, Domain Information, hosting, server and other criteria. These indicators are based on public world-class quality rating systems. Please note that the value of the website here is the only relative, since many new sites will be evaluated very low, but many times, it is a domain name worth millions of dollars.

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  • The full interface in English, easy to follow and use.
  • Responsive design, fast download speed and good display on any device, any screen size.
  • The process of data collection takes place quickly, rarely with errors.
  • Detailed statistics, accuracy is relatively high.
  • Create free backlinks on WebsitesWorthCalculator.com.

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  • Google Rank Check (PageRank).
  • Check Alexa rank (Alexa Rank).
  • Check the download speed of your website (based on the Google PageSpeed ??Insight report).
  • Domain name verification (based on the MOZ report).
  • Provide meta information (website name, website description, keywords).
  • Daily traffic statistics (average number of visitors, page views, estimated earnings).
  • Index of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).
  • Show traffic graphs and search traffic from Alexa.
  • Check the safety of your website (with Google SafeWeb and Spamhaus).
  • Statistics on SEO.
  • Statistics of the interaction between the website and the popular social network.
  • Provides information about domain names (date of registration, expiration date, provider) and web server information (name server, IP, country).
  • See a list of similar ranking sites.
  • Create widget displays the value right on your website.
  • Share information about the value of your website on popular social networks.